Protein Bakes – Avoid Disturbing Taste of Protein Powders

Well , everybody

Are you bothered by shitty taste of  Supplements and Nutrition’s  like Whey, Serious Mass and other ones? If yes you should try mixing them with something else that makes you enjoy eating them,at the same time its a good fit for it . Protein Bakes dot Com  is a source where you’ll find some recipes which teaches you how to make proper and healthy meals .

coconut protein bake

I Personally check it on a daily basis . if you do workouts too and consume proteins and bothered by their annoying tastes .

You may Also Check out its YouTube channel :

The more it gets close to the lunar’s new year , the more willing i am to make rubbish posts .I’m pretty certain that one day some people gonna read this blog . however, this won’t stop me form being complete asshole .

As the time passes , i learn more less things , and i feel more weird .
People aren’t as complicated as i thought they’re, also they ain’t so simple at the same time.

But whatever it is it should sound natural , and be natural

again , what ?
what what what what .


this one took me 4-8 minutes
tried to spend some time on the fingers


At least some of the ongoing events sound pleasing , and like always some aren’t so .
IMO , there is no such thing as “fairy tale” aka “happy ending” exists , cuz we have no idea when the ending is and what a life is called a proper life. this is just crazy i think we may not change this , all we can do is try
the last sentence was inspired by wag the dog’s ending conversations

fast and furious 6

well i just watched this movie i seriously recommend every fan of action movies to avoid spending your time on this waste of money . i think this movies can barely be rated 4.2 in imdb

no tt

By the time i write this , im living the most horrible moments of my life, the feeling of being stabbed by closest friends won’t leave my brain for a millisecond .
I really wonder what is the next thing that is about to come, i’m really afraid , i know it could be worse but how worse ? i seriously don’t wanna know .

I find it really annoying that you have no-one you can really talk to , and rely on .
Maybe its time to say حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل , may be he does something to take me out of this. i really want nothing but a peaceful life ,in which im satisfied by who i am.

Its great how easy you let go of things without letting an awkward silence dominate you afterwards. but you won’t see what happens inside of you .
a man doesn’t only need sexual satisfaction ,a man needs to feel strong and dominant to its environment not only to its female mate.

That is what make it a man .

Here i draw a man showing its F finger


you are welcome